What should it do

The bookmarklet should let you inject a direct "download by bitlet" link in many torrent search engines.
Currently the bookmarklet should work on the pirate bay, mininova, demonoid, torrentmatrix, sumo torrent, torrent portal, meganova, torrentreactor.to, torrentreactor.net, bitenova.com and it should work on any other site who uses the .torrent file name extension.

  • thepiratebay
  • mininova
  • demonoid

Other sites like suprnova and gameupdates already have a download by bitlet link.

How to install it

In Firefox

Click and drag BitLet Bookmarklet up to your bookmark toolbar.

In Internet Explorer

Right click on BitLet Bookmarklet and select "Add to Favorites". Add the bookmarklet to your "Links" folder to make it appear in the toolbar.

How to use it

After installing it, you can go on your favorite search engine and simply click on the BitLet Bookmarklet when you want to add a "download by bitlet" link near a torrent you want to download.


Note that this script is completely inspired from the iisonly's Greasemonkey script (with his permission.)