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Torrent video streaming

Although the video applet is still experimental, here you can find some sample videos you can use to test it.

UPDATE: We recently developed a new version of the video player which uses the new HTML 5 video tag. You will be able to use the new player by clicking the links underneath each thumbnail.


This is a really nice short video made by a few guys at IED: Mr.Cropperfield

Giuliano's videos

The next two videos have been made by Giuliano Lo Bocchiaro. He made the first one with three colleagues as their final work at IED, while the last one is a really nice idea he had while he was trying to lose weight. Enjoy them!

The Music Boy by Domenico Alessi

The next clip is another workfellow creation. A huge work, if you consider that he made it all by himself! If you are interested, you can find more info here.

Diablo 3 trailer

The last video is a pretty big one, it's 1280 pixel wide, try it at your own risk. (You'll need a decent internet connection to stream this one.)

How to distribute a video

If you're brave enough and you want to try distributing your video through this service, here are the steps steps you must take:

  1. Convert your video to theora with ffmpeg2theora: invoking ffmpeg2theora videoclip.avi should work
  2. Create the bittorrent metafile:
    btmakemetafile videoclip.ogv
  3. Start seeding your torrent: btdownloadheadless videoclip.ogv.torrent

Now you can send to your friends a link to the ogv torrent player:

where w and h parameters are the width and height dimensions of the video to play. If you want, you can also add a bf parameter for bilinear filtering (e.g.: you can watch a scaled video with bilinear filtering here.)